Thursday, April 30, 2009

Re-imaging Library Services Project

I attended this afternoon with other members of the Northern Territory library community, a talk at the Northern Territory Library, by Wendy Quihampton, Project Manager, National and State Libraries Australasia (NLSA)on the "Re-imaging Library Services Project"
She outlined the 10 projects:
There are ten projects within the NSLA Re-imagining Library Services Strategic Plan:
1. Do it now! - initiatives to improve services immediately
2. Open borders - opening up access to e-resources and services across our libraries
3. Virtual reference - integrating virtual reference as a core function, with a new business and resourcing model
4. Delivery - developing a standard service model for user-requested document supply
5. Community created content - identifying and implementing a framework and tool set for everyone to create and transform online content
6. Changing capability and culture - developing a framework for new work environments
7. Collaborative collections - delivering efficiencies through collaborative collecting
8. Flexible cataloguing - designing improved business processes for collection management
9. Scaling up digitisation - demonstrating the economic benefits of mass digitisation and defining best practice in management of digital collections
10. Connecting and discovering content - enhancing metadata and making collection holdings more visible and linked online.

Jo McGill and Wendy Quihampton
Cathy Hilder, Jo McGill and Wendy Quihampton
Karen Conway with Kay Pisel

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