Monday, February 20, 2006

Lotus Blossom Fogg Dam

Delighful Lotus Flower at Fogg Dam.

Another dragonfly on boardwalk at Fogg Dam

Quite a colourful dragonfly.

DragonFly on Lily pad

Many dragonflies were seen on our walk.

Water lily @Fogg Dam

Such lovely blooms.

A small chocolate block for my birthday.

Originally uploaded by topend.
This was a delighful gift from Leigh and family

Skink and fungi

Seen at Fogg Dam.

Fungus at Fogg Dam

Some brightly coloured Fungi.

Well protected

Don't go down to the woods today without protection!

Woodlands to Waterlily Walk

It was worth the mosquito bites to see this!
Its a 45 minute 2.2 km walk, which begins in a fringing forest into the wetland

For more information about Fogg Dam see:
Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve

On the Woodlands to Waterlily Walk at Fogg Dam

I went on a nice walk with Karen on the boardwalk in this forest to wetland area.

Crimson Finch at Fogg Dam

Seen also at Fogg Dam, these are quite common there.

Kookaburra @ Fogg Dam

Seen on the road out of Fogg Dam

Kingfisher@Fogg Dam

Kingfisher at Fogg Dam