Sunday, March 29, 2009

Another trip to Fogg dam

Still have not really seen the monster, but lots of evidence today... the sign and the trap.
 Fogg Dam_0253
Crocodile Trap Fogg Dam_0176
  Christy Fogg Dam_0194
 Fogg Dam_0252

Fogg Dam_0215
Fogg Dam_0212
 Fogg Dam_0221
Water Monitor Fogg Dam_0166
Water Monitor Fogg Dam

Motorcycle Swap meet at Humpty Doo

Took a trip with Hugh and his friend Christy to the Village Green at Humpty Doo to see motorcycle swap meet.
Ahhhhhh the sound of Harley-Davidson's on a Sunday morning!
Christy and Hugh Swap Meet
Swap Meet
Swap Meet
Swap Meet