Sunday, April 30, 2006

Return to Fogg Dam

Having missed a couple of weeks due to my trip with son Dave to Singapore recently it was good to get out to Fogg Dam again. I gave David Forsyth from the University a call, and he joined me for the 60km drive out there. It was quite a dramatic change as the road in along the old dam wall is now closed, at least until the "Dry" is well underway. the water is flowing well over the road in the middle of the dam so it was only accessible for driving by official 4WD vehicles.

The usual birds were seen, Royal Spoonbills, Pied and Intermediate Egrets,Kites,Cormorants, Rainbow Bee-Eaters

and something I had not seen there before, a Broad-billed Flycatcher(Myiagra ruficollis).

We also saw a snake in the water. We were also prevented from going on the forest boardwalk because of flooding.