Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Family Barnett of Brayville South Australia 1964

Having lost some images recently when a hard disk drive failed I am putting this one for safety's sake on the Internet!
The kids and dad
Not sure where Mum was and I was the photographer. I guess it was taken by me with my Agfa Rapid format camera in about 1964 or 1965 .
Brother Chris is with our father who died in 1966.
Ann is sitting along side Michael then Anthony

Christopher Barnett my brother

I was searching through some old paperwork and photographs today and found this torn photo of my brother Chris. Chris still lives in France, he has been a French citizen for many years now. He is poor health and it was nice to find him looking happy and well perhaps nearly 40 years ago! He has been writing poetry and plays throughout the world ever since he left school. See this discussion of one of his plays which "Selling Ourselves for Dinner" which was commissioned for the Adelaide Festival in 1982
Christopher Barnett my brother
I scanned a couple of things last night. This article comes from " A Book to Write Poems By" published as a school text by Rory Harris and Peter McFarlane in 1983. Peter wrote about Chris working at his school:
chris quote sharp
The next is one of my favourite poems by Chris, which was also published in the same text:
Flowers for my father Lost

Saturday morning at the Darwin Sailing Club

I took a brief visit on Saturday morning to the Darwin Sailing Club, at glorious Fannie Bay.

IMG_8235Fannie Bay, Darwin
Fannie Bay, Darwin