Thursday, March 30, 2006

A 'wake' with a friend

During my quick visit to Adelaide I spent time with old friends including Rachel and Martin.This was another evening meal with Terry and Pam.
It was good for people to spend time with me, my workmates in Darwin have also been kind.

A sad occasion, but amongst family

I had to take a quick trip home to Adelaide when my mother died after a long history of illness. This is my youngest brother Michael with Pam after the service.

Pam and David sent me this photo of Mum's resting spot in the rose gardens at Centennial Park.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Crocodile at Yellow Waters

Usually see some of these at Yellow Waters, plenty of warnings at Ubirr and Fogg Dam.

A Whistling Kite

Also enjoying the fishing were many Whistling Kites.

Jacana at Fogg Dam

A Jacana or Lotus Bird at Fogg Dam.

Royal Spoonbill in flight

The light was failing, but it was an opportunity to grab, the Royal Spoonbill looked great in flight.


Royal Spoonbill

There were quite a number of Royal Spoonbills enjoying the fishing.

Royal Spoonbill

Plenty of opportunity to grab shots of these birds, It's only in the last few weeks that I have seen these at Fogg Dam.

Pied Heron

The birds were still enjoying the fish along the Fogg Dam Road

Saw this one along the Arnhem Highway

Eagle, (or is that Jabiru eyed) Karen spotted this Jabiru as we drove along the Arnhem Highway.

Jabiru at Fogg Dam

After visiting the town called Jabiru, we managed to see two Jabiru on the drive back.

Girls must have fun

Most of the group were from Mararra Christian College, just around the corner from Karama, although they come from Arnhem land.

and living dangerously!

Fishing on the road!

This guy came with his own home made net. Notice the double yellow painted centre line. It was a whole lot of fun with a little girl swimming on the other side of the lane (despite the Crocodile danger sign!)

On the road to Ubirr

We had plans to go to Ubirr, but the road was closed. Soon after we arrived, this group of people from Arnhem Land and a Christian school in Darwin arrived and started to fish, which were literally jumping. We were told by a local guide that the fish were probably tarpon. Last time I drove through this area in October 2005 it was quite dry.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

White Bellied Sea Eagle on Yellow Waters

There are many permanent Sea Eagle nests around the Yellow Waters area including the South Alligator River.
This was a rather beautiful looking bird.

For more information on this bird, see
Sea Eagles fact sheet

So much to see!

Even the fungi is so interesting to see. We stopped for a cuppa at the entrance to Kakadu Heritage Park and we though this was worth a picture.

Storm brewing over Kakadu

We had a very different cruise at Yellow Waters Cooinda. As there had been lots of rain overnight, we had to take a boat fron the road at Home Billabong, then board a bigger boat for the Yellow Waters cruise. It was a good 1.5 hr cruise with a good tour guide. We saw lots of kites, sea eagles, one crocodile amongst other wildlife
This was the view from the boat when we set ot mid afternoon.

The ladies decided I needed a new look!!

I just had to take it.........

Interesting to see that with so much water around, many of the water lillies and lotus flowers are dying off, This looked good though.

Monday, March 13, 2006

The boardwalk at Fogg Dam.

This was quite a good walk with the heavy recent rains.

Snake's eye view!

I was on my belly on the boardwalk for this one.

Just a couple more.....

People seem to like these shots so have added just a couple more!!

The variety of birds

Karen took this shot,Pied Herons, Royal Spoonbill,Little Egrets,Brown Falcon all at the washed over road/dam wall at Fogg Dam.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ben, Karen and Ross at Termite Mounds.

Last time I came here it was so dry and the area was blanketed with smoke from fires from burning off.The grass was very high today and so green.

The pilots!

Ben kindly drove Ross and Karen and I out to Fogg Dam and then Corroboree Tavern for lunch. Ben and Ross, friends of Karen have both come up from Adelaide looking for work as pilots.We visited the Termite Mounds on the Arnhem Highway.

Others were taking the opportunity to grab some shots

It was quite busy here today with fish jumping out of the water, birds enjoying the feed.

Pied Herons at Fogg Dam

We saw a lot more and quite a variety of birds today including Royal Spoonbills, these Pied Herons, Brown Kites, all attracted by the lovely rains this week, what a difference we noted in a week.

Karen enjoyed the paddle

We both had fun with our shoes off walking through the water.

Another first!

The road at Fogg Dam was awash with water and birds, with fish easy picking for the falcons, herons and others.

Variation on a theme?

I know, not another Waterlily!!!

They are photogenic!!

A snake at Fogg Dam

This was a bit of a first too! I had been lying on the boardwalk near this spot and Ross pointed it out. It took off , back into the water.

See this web page about Green Tree snakes!

A white WaterLilly

This was slightly unusual, most of the Waterlillies I see are blue.

Stunning views at boardwalk

Although it was a somewhat steamy walk this morning, it was great taking photos in the forest boardwalk at Fogg Dam.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Ever changing Sunset at Darwin Sailing Club, Fannie Bay

Even on an overcast wet evening, a pleasant evening with friends watching the sunset.

Getting older and greyer! And bits need fixing!

Its interesting seeing a photo of oneself. Could surgery fix my drooping eyelid, or should I just get more sleep!!!?????
Saturday evening at the Darwin Sailing Club, a very pleasant night

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A flower for my friends.........

About time to add a flower photo . Noticed this bee in the Waterlily so thought it was worth adding to the blog. Taken at Fogg Dam.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Striated Pardalote at Bird Billabong

This bird was fairly well camouflaged amongst the leaves and blossom.

Bird Billabong

After spending the late morning at Fogg Dam, Karen and I drove further down the Arnhem Highway to Bird Billabong via the Corroboree Tavern, which is a little wild. There was a utility with some pig dogs.I chatted to the owner and heard that wild pig meat is shipped to Germany.

See this fact sheet about Pig Doggers!

Bird Billabong is a 1.5 km walk from the car park once you leave the Arnhem Highway about 90 km from the Stuart Highway. Its quite a walk , but very picturesque although with 37c temperature it was quite an experience.

Crimson Finch at Fogg Dam

These are very common at Fogg Dam, but are constantly on the move so you need to be quick to take a photo.

Karen at Fogg Dam

Karen and I spent a day out at what has become a regular trip to Fogg Dam. She is a keen "Twitcher"
For more on the topic of twitching see:
The Big Twitch

Rainbow bee-eaters

These Rainbow bee-eaters were enjoying a constant feed.

Rainbow bee-eater

There were quite a few of these to be seen today at Fogg Dam.

Buffalo seen near Fogg Dam

These beasts were once wild in the area, destroying much habitat for birds and other wildlife. Today they are farmed.

I was happy to get this shot at full zoom of dragonfly

Not easy , but I'm happy with this.