Monday, March 20, 2006

Crocodile at Yellow Waters

Usually see some of these at Yellow Waters, plenty of warnings at Ubirr and Fogg Dam.

A Whistling Kite

Also enjoying the fishing were many Whistling Kites.

Jacana at Fogg Dam

A Jacana or Lotus Bird at Fogg Dam.

Royal Spoonbill in flight

The light was failing, but it was an opportunity to grab, the Royal Spoonbill looked great in flight.


Royal Spoonbill

There were quite a number of Royal Spoonbills enjoying the fishing.

Royal Spoonbill

Plenty of opportunity to grab shots of these birds, It's only in the last few weeks that I have seen these at Fogg Dam.

Pied Heron

The birds were still enjoying the fish along the Fogg Dam Road

Saw this one along the Arnhem Highway

Eagle, (or is that Jabiru eyed) Karen spotted this Jabiru as we drove along the Arnhem Highway.

Jabiru at Fogg Dam

After visiting the town called Jabiru, we managed to see two Jabiru on the drive back.

Girls must have fun

Most of the group were from Mararra Christian College, just around the corner from Karama, although they come from Arnhem land.

and living dangerously!

Fishing on the road!

This guy came with his own home made net. Notice the double yellow painted centre line. It was a whole lot of fun with a little girl swimming on the other side of the lane (despite the Crocodile danger sign!)

On the road to Ubirr

We had plans to go to Ubirr, but the road was closed. Soon after we arrived, this group of people from Arnhem Land and a Christian school in Darwin arrived and started to fish, which were literally jumping. We were told by a local guide that the fish were probably tarpon. Last time I drove through this area in October 2005 it was quite dry.