Sunday, February 24, 2008

Arnhem Highway, Adelaide River

We then drove further down to Adelaide River. The Adelaide River Queens Jumping Crocodile tour carpark was flooded and further down the Arnhem Highway after the Adelaide River Bridge, there were floods across the road delaying traffic.
Adelaide River car park
Adelaide River car park
Arnhem Highway
Arnhem Highway
Arnhem Highway

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fogg Dam In the Wet

Hugh and I took the drive down the Stuart and Arnhem Highways to Fogg Dam. As the monsoonal weather has well set in I really wanted to see what conditions were like.
Rain over Adelaide River Plains
I was delighted to see Fogg Dam teeming with bird life,including Royal Spoonbills, Egrets, Lesser Egrets,Darters,Pied Herons,Rainbow Bee-Eaters,Crimson Finches.
We had fun taking our shoes off and walking down the flooded road.
Royal Spoonbills and Darters
Royal Spoonbill
Royal Spoonbills
Royal Spoonbill
Rainbow Bee-eater
Rainbw Bee-eater

Dragon Dance Blessing

Being Chinese New Year, business's all round Darwin are being blessed by the Dragon Dancers visiting their premises.
Dragon Dance
Dragon Dance
Today was the turn of both the Parap Market and the bistro at the Darwin Sailing Club.
JK at Parap
Dragon Dance troupe
Dragon Dance

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Family History tour Northern Territory Library

ALIA Top End had its first meeting for the year with a tour of the Family History area of the Northern Territory Library given by John Richards
John gave a very good introduction to the available resources to an appreciative audience.
John Richards
Margaret and John
Diana and Jayshree
Anne Devenish and Sue Chilman
Frieda Evans
Diana Richards and Bernadette Royal
Peter Walton
Andrew Finegan
Anne Devenish

Monday, February 18, 2008

A birthday sail ...

Julie called me soon after I left work and invited me sailing on Ross Chisholms"Trivial Pursuit" a 34 ft Adams 10 mono hull.
I grabbed my gear and camera and drove to the Cullen Bay Marina.
I meet Ross's daughter Melissa and her friend from Prague,Libor.
"Trivial Pursuit"
Libor and Melissa
While we were preparing to motor out we spotted some of the Dragon boat crews practising.
Dragon Boats
Having cleared the lock gates we picked up Julie from the Cullen Bay
jetty armed with pizza for tea.
Ross Chisholm
We sailed out into the bay and saw a Navy Patrol boat with a helicopter
landing on the stern.
Patrol boat
Melissa and Libor
We had a great couple of hours sailing and then motored back
arriving back about 9pm
A fantastic end to a good birthday.

Sailing away
Happy Birthday
Good Night

Birthday morning tea

It was a nice surprise to have my colleagues give me a birthday gift whilst we met for a planning morning tea.
Stephen, Jayshree and Kaye
Peta and Jessie

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sunday cruise

With Hugh back from a week in Melbourne we took a run on our scooters to Rapid Creek and then Nightcliff Markets
Beehive Ginger
Rapid Creek Market
Not all are having fun in the sun...
street scene
Down and out at Nightcliff shops

Then a trip along East Point Road to the East Point Military Museum. This week there are various activities to commemorate the bombing of Darwin 66 years ago on February 19th 1942, 248 people died.
Army Display East Point Military Museum
Searchlight Mirror East Point Military Museum
The Darwin Army Band was playing and there were a number of military diplays
Amongst the performers were 'One Mob, Different Country' - Indigenous dancers from detention centres.
'One Mob,Different Country' - Indigenous dancers from detention centres.
'One Mob, Different Country' - Indigenous dancers from detention centres.
'One Mob,Different Country' - Indigenous dancers from detention centres.
Also there were some Mediterranean dancers
Mediterranean dancers