Sunday, March 16, 2008

Litchfield National Park Trip...

We drove to Litchfield National Park and had a really great day. The weather was largely kind to us and as its been a long wet WET we saw lots of wonderful waterfalls. We had a short break in Batchelor and then went to Florence Falls, Buley Rock Hole, saw the Magnetic Termite mounds, Wangi and Tolmer Falls. It was a long day and all enjoyed the experience.
Pam ,Terry and Hugh
Green Ants
Magnetic Termite Mound, Litchfield
Magnetic Termite Mound, Litchfield National Park
Florence Falls
Buley Rock Hole
 Buly Rock Hole
The tourists
Boys enjoying Buly Rock Hole
Tolmer Falls

Resting Dragon Fly
Terry and Pam
Wangi Falls
Self at Wangi
Some tourists traveled a long way, these two were on trail bikes registered in Switzerland!
Swiss tourists