Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Grasshopper with blue eyes

Interesting grasshopper at the Territory Wild Life Park. Note the brightly coloured eyes

Frilled Necked Lizard

This lizard was part of the reptile display at the Territory Wildlife Park.

Yet another Orb weaver

This was a slightly different colour and even bigger.

To get more information about Australian Spiders, Dr. Ron Atkinson from the University of Southern Queensland has a very useful site.

Find a spider

Another view of the Orbweaver

Another view of the same spider. It was a little dangerous, not because of the spider, but I managed to have two leeches attach themselves to me when I went into the bushes to get a better shot!

Orbweaver spider at Territory Wildlife Park

I went to visit this great place again with the Ferguson family and there were a couple of great Orbweaver spiders. This is the female. Notice the little red spider on her, thats her spouse.... not long for this world!

For some interesting facts about spiders
National Geographic