Thursday, October 30, 2008

Final Mindil Beach market for 2008.

The final Mindil Beach market for 2008.It closes during the Wet and will return in April.
It was packed so I escaped early!
Mango stall at Mindil Beach Market
Crowds at Mindil Beach Market
Indigenous busker
Juggler Busker at Mindil Beach Market
Living Statue at Mindil Beach Market
Living Statue at Mindil Beach Market
The law eat at Mindil Beach market
Licorice stall is popular

Visitor from East Arnhem

Our colleague Nicky visited our library today. She manages our library at the Gove District Hospital in Nhulunby , Gove, East Arnhem Land

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday evening at Mindil

The last Sunday Mindil Beach Market for the year.
Lots of entertainment, plenty to eat.
Cats Ransom @Mindil Beach Market
These rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum)looked very colourful.
Fruit Mindil Beach Market
The fashion students from Charles Darwin University looked great as living statues
Living statue Mindil
Living Statue
The Islander dancers were good to watch.. especially their hips!!
Islander dancing
I took photo's of these two artists painting
Indigeneous artist Mindil Beach
Indigenous artist Mindil Beach
Sunset at Fannie Bay on the way home
Sunset Fannie Bay
Sunset Fannie Bay

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mindil on Thursday, almost at an end for the year

Hugh and I went to the second last Thursday evening Mindil Beach Market for the year.
He has some friends on the stalls, this is Ben from the Magnet stall
Hugh and Ben
Bobby, the Indonesian cook is always a great subject
Bobby @Mindil
Bobby @Mindil
Band at Mindil
A young indigenous band were playing
Indigenous guitar player
As usual also EmDee a local musician always pulled a big crowd
EmDee @Mindil
Magpie Lark at Mindil
Two students from Charles Darwin University as 'Living Statues" are drawing crowds as well.
Living Statue at Mindil
Living Statue at Mindil
This shot was unintentional in that the flash did not fire but it has some artistic feel about it!
Moving dancer

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yet another trip to Fogg Dam

Its been many months since I last made the journey down the Arnhem Highway to Fogg Dam.
View of Fogg Dam
I drove there after lunch today and although I was suprised by the lack of water
considering the recent storms we have had in Darwin, the afternoon had its other suprises.
As I stopped my car for the first time I saw a crocodile of about a metre and half size drop off the dam wall into the water.
It was just to the left of this tree where the crocodile slipped into the water.
The hair was standing up on my neck as I gingerly walked around!!
Crocodile spot Fogg Dam wall

Great Egret Ardea alba Fogg Dam
Great Egret Ardea alba Fogg Dam
Lotus Fogg Dam
Great Egret Ardea alba Fogg Dam
Jacana Fogg Dam
Grebe Fogg Dam

As I drove out an hour later I was even more surprised to see a rather large buffalo!!
Buffalo at Fogg Dam
Buffalo at Fogg Dam
Buffalo at Fogg Dam

I chatted to a couple of other photographers before I drove home being chased by a storm which was very heavy with rain.
Storm Arnhem Higway
My "newish" car however performed well on the run.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hughs new Harley

Hughs latest project is this 1992 Harley-Davidson Evolution 883 Sportster
Hugh's Harley-Davidson Evolution Sportster
He needs to spend a bit of time and money on it (indicators etc)
but its something he has wanted for sometime.
Hugh's Harley-Davidson Evolution Sportster
Chrome Harley Sportser 1992
cropped bike

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A taste of the Wet Green Tree Frogs

Lots of rain over the last few nights and lots of noise from these guys. Hear them here
This one was quite dark:
Green Tree frog
Green Tree frog
Whereas this guy was, well very green!
Green Tree frog
Green Tree frog
Green Tree frog