Saturday, October 28, 2006

Fogg Dam in the afternoon.

I then took a trip out to Fogg Dam on Saturday afternoon, its been quite a while. It was very warm, and not too many others out there, I saw just three other vehicles all tourists.
Fogg Dam
Fogg Dam
A lot less water and not as many birds. Crimson Finch
Crimson Finches,Double-barred Finches, Egrets, Kites, ducks.
However there was this interesting Darter that remained submerged for most of the time,
Darter,Fogg Dam
Darter,Fogg Dam
Dragonflies at Fogg Dam
There were lots of dragonflies being grabbed on the wing by Rainbow BeeEaters

Saturday morning trip to Parap Market

A trip to Parap Market this morning, to go to the bakery for a croissant and then some well priced fruit and vegetables.
This group of soldiers from 1st Brigade 8th/12 Medium Regiment, Robertson Barracks were part of a relay that was about to pull a two tonne gun carriage 22km around Darwin and suburbs to raise money for sick and injured children at Royal Darwin Hospital!
This busker is quite a character
Busker Parap