Friday, October 13, 2006

Frantic Friday

I started my day early by meeting with Bid Rose, the Medical Librarian at Alice Springs Hospital.
Bid Rose. Librarian Alice Springs Hospital Library
Alice Springs Hospital Library
Alice Springs Hospital library
I then met with staff at the Centre for Remote Health.
A quick trip then to the Alice Springs Charles Darwin campus library.
Alice Springs campus library
Alice Springs campus library
I ran a training sesion with library and academic staff,
Sonia and MoiraStaff Training Alice Springs CDU Library
then a session with nursing students.
Nurses Database Training Alice Springs CDU Library
Over lunch I had a tour of the new higher education teaching block.
New higher education teaching block
Sonia with new Higher Education building Alice Springs
I sat in on the staff meeting and then ran more training.

Alice Springs Trip

Arrived at Alice Springs, and saw this sky!
Alice Springs Airport
Spectacular sky, Alice Springs airport.
We stopped on the roadside so that I could get another shot;
Spectacular sky, Alice Springs airport
Jeanette met me at the airport and we drove to Anzac Hill for the view.
Sunset ,Alice Springs
Jeanette took me to the Alice Springs Golf Club for a meal with her friends.
The Ladies