Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday morning at Fogg Dam

I know, I know, I go there a lot. Today was great with us seeing this goanna on the side of the road. I fell down and now have a pain in the ........
Then we went along the Dam wall and saw the usual birds but special today was seeing a couple of Jabiru and a crocodile.
Saw these ducks,
Ducks on the Dam
which is something we don't see in great numbers. There were plenty of magpie geese though. Coming back,just past Window on the Wetland I spotted another Jabiru.It flew away so I walked down a bit,
only to see this big crocodile, perhaps 3 metres long, just down the side of the road!
Jeanette eyes off the  crocodile
Big crocodile near Window on the Wetlands

Pleasant Saturday evening........

Jeanette and I picnicked on the cliffs at Dripstone Coastal Reserve.
Toasting the Sunset
Balmy evening Dripstone
This was a good evening, the sunset was great with a range of colours.
Dripstone Sunset
Seen a few minutes later:
Dripstone Sunset