Thursday, July 26, 2007

A meal at the Darwin Sailing Club

A good night chatting with friends at The Darwin Sailing Club.
The trademark Dry season sunset was great.
I dined with Jayshree and Peter.
Sailing Club Sunset
Enjoying the Darwin Sailing Club
Sailing Club Sunset

More from the ALIA Garden Party these from Jayshree

Rod and Jessie
Chinese Garden
Sue and Margaret
ALIA TopEnd Garden Party 2007
Self, Cathy and Sue
Maryanne and Andrea
ALIA TopEnd Garden Party 2007
ALIA TopEnd Garden Party 2007 J

ALIA Top End Garden Party July 2007

A pleasant evening at the ALIA Top End Garden Party which was held in the Chinese Gardens at Charles Darwin University with a really good attendance from the library and information sector of Darwin.
Great networking opportunity and nice nibbles and drinks as the sunset.

Andrea and Maryanne
Di and Sue

Jayshree, Linda,Nicolle
Leigh, Marg, Jo, Jessie, Jayshree
Jo, Colleen
Peter, Jayshree
Barbara, Lynn
Emma , Cathy