Sunday, June 21, 2009

Mindil Beach market on a balmy sunday evening

Even though it was a V8 motor racing weekend,it was suprisingly quiet at Mindil Beach market, but I did not mind as it was easy to park and walk around.
I got a bite to eat and had a chat and came away early as I am packing to leave town next weekend
This UK busker had a large crowd with a very funny patter entertaining.

Great sunset as usual
Mindil Beach Sunset
Mindil Beach Sunset

Side show alley clown
Mindil Beach Magnet stall

World Refugee Day, Malak, Darwin

To raise the awareness of refugee-related issues, World Refugee Day events are held worldwide on 20 June each year.Darwin's World Refugee Day event was held at
Holzerland Park, Malak. Jeanette called in the afternoon to see if I was interested in going. I joined her in going although she was quickly asked to help with face painting the big queue of children.
June 2009 102
National Refugee Day , Malak, Darwin
Jeanette with young boy she had face painted
June 2009 221
Kids at World Refugee Day
June 2009 020
June 2009 019
June 2009 129
June 2009 059
It was a really great afternoon and evening with great dancing, food and colour and some sobering refugee films. It was organised by the local Melaleuca Refugee Centre and other organisations such as the Multicultural Council of the Northern Territory
June 2009 032
There was a Citizenship ceremony as well,Jeanette chatted to this gentleman,
New citizen with jeanette
June 2009 068
June 2009 076
June 2009 099
World Refugee Day Films