Saturday, March 12, 2005

My new wheels.........

Finally the Volvo had to go, no airconditioning since before Christmas and not an easy(nor cheap fix as parts were hard to find) so have replaced it with a Mitsubishi Verada 1997, sold in the USA and Japan as a Diamante.

The ship JAVA, which I am researching.

This is the ship JAVA, said to be the last of the East Indiamen I have been researching since about 1985. I obtained this image from New Zealand this year. It was taken in Gibraltar Harbour in 1933. It has been built in India in 1813, brought my ancestors to Adelaide in 1840. It served as a troop ship for HM Government etc.

"This digital image is copyright to Victoria University of Wellington and may not be further reproduced without permission."

"The old East Indiaman 'Java' of London", in Newsclipping scrapbook, J. C. Beaglehole Room, Victoria University of Wellington Library, Fildes 637, p.80.

Under the table

This frog gave me some great shots!!

Again a Green Tree Frog at my front door

I had great fun using my Fuji 602 digital camera to get this shot this week. Looking foward to going to Kakadu soon, although I noticed a gecko on my lounge ceiling tonight so I don't really have to go far in Darwin to see wildlife!

Frog at my front door

This fellow was waiting for me when I came home from work. It's been an interesting week or two with an earthquake of 7.1 in the Darwin area one night recently and now this weekend Darwin is bracing itself for Cyclone Ingrid tomorrow Sunday