Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Book launch by CDU Press

I attended a dual book launch this evening at the university organised by Charles Darwin University Press.The books were launched by the Administrator of the Northern Territory, His Honour Mr Tom Pauling QC. The books focus on courage and conflict in the North.
Dennis Shoesmith,Administrator of the Northern Territory, His Honour Mr Tom Pauling and Allan Powell
Administrator of the Northern Territory, His Honour Mr Tom Pauling
Dennis Shoesmith
Very topical is "The Crisis in Timor-Leste: Understanding the past,
imagining the future" a collection of papers originating from a CDU symposium held in November 2006. It's edited by Associate Professor Dennis Shoesmith,
Dennis Shoesmith
The volume addresses the historical, social and political causes of unrest in Timor-Leste. Sadly only last week we held a two day conference on East Timor at CDU exploring some of the issues
Alan Powell
The second volume, The Shadow’s Edge: Australia’s Northern War,is a new and revised edition published by CDU Press on the 20th anniversary of its first publication, and recounts the history of civilian and servicemen’s experiences of war in defence of Australia’s northern borders during World War II.
Its author, Emeritus Professor Alan Powell, the Northern Territory's most distinguished historian, highlights experiences of people who lived,workedand,in some cases, died during the conflict. It also discusses the political, strategic and tactical decisions made during the northern campaign.
Peter Walton, Jayshree Mamtora, Marion Farram
Tom Pauling and Austin Asche
Alan Powell and Steve Farram
Steve Farram with Alan Powell
Jefferson Lee, from the Australia East Timor Association with Jayshree
Jefferson Lee and Jayshree Mamtora