Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Journey to Jabiru

A long trip out to Jabiru. It was quite a warm trip. We returned to Mamukala which we had seen in April 2005. This was a Wren I noticed on the walk in.
Wren at Mamukala
We checked into the LakeView Cabins.
Cabin at Lakeview Jabiru
The outside temperature registered 42 (at the least the sensor in my car said it was!) We then drove down to Cooinda, enjoyed a Yellow Waters cruise for a couple of hours.
Pied Heron
Pied Heron, Yellow Waters
A Jabiru (Xenorhynchus asiaticus) at Yellow Waters
Interesting to note that according to Hilary Thompson and Denise Goodfellow in "Common Birds of the Darwin Area", the name of this stork, Jabiru, (officially a Black-necked Stork), actually derives from Tupi, a South American Indian language, and should actually belong to a South American species of Stork.
There were hundreds of ducks gathering together at Yellow Waters.
Wandering ducks
Ducks at Yellow Waters
Water Lily
Water Lily
And crocodiles basking in the sunset........
Crocodile at Sunset Yellow Waters
Salt Water Crocodile
Yellow Waters Sunset
Ken thought that the cruise guide Michael and I shared the same bulky body mass but this photo proved him wrong
The Men in Red

and then had a meal at the local hotel.

Friday, July 28, 2006

A birthday Party

Jayshree had a dinner party to celebrate her increasing age. Ken and I chatted to a mixed group of people from libraries and the Uni etc.
Ken, Jessie. Rod and Peter
Ken, Jessie. Rod and Peter
Jayshree and Peter.
Jayshree and Rod
Party Animals

Afternoon at the Territory Wildlife Park

We then spent the afternoon at the Territory Wildlife Park, enjoying the Aquarium
IMG_0254, the Avairies,
Black-winged Stilt
and the Birds of Prey display.
Wedge-Tailed Eagle at Territory Wildlife Park
Wedge-Tailed Eagle at Territory Wildlife Park
Keeping an Eagle Eye
White Bellied Sea Eagle
White Bellied Sea Eagle

A visitor from Tasmania

Ken from Devonport arrived for a week in the sun. Ken is an old school friend from 40 years ago. On the public holiday Friday we picked a lecturer colleague, Chris and we went to Fogg Dam.
Ken and Chris
Ken at Fogg Dam
The usual birdlife was seen,Rainbow Bee-eaters were in abundance,
Rainbow Bee-Eater
and great numbers of Egrets, Magpie Geese.
Fogg Dam
Fogg Dam
Willy Wag tail
Egrets at Fogg dam
A few Jacana were seen as well.
Jacana at Fogg Dam

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Barbara's BIG party

Barbara turns a delicate age next week and we organised a birthday party at the Darwin Sailing Club which was attended by lots of her Charles Darwin University workmates, other Darwin friends and even some legal friends from Adelaide.
Jessie and Barbara
Jessie and Barb
Barb with Chloe, Anthony with Emma
Barb with Chloe, Anthony with Emma
Sharon and Barb
Sharon, an academic friend of Barbara
Barbara and Robyn
Barb and her Darwin friend Robyn
Nicholas and Chloe
Nicholas and Chloe
It was a happy evening, lots of chatting etc. As usual the sunset was great.
Sunset  sails Darwin Sailing Club
We were even joined by a possum later in the night.
Possum at Darwin Sailing Club

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Knuckey's Lagoon

On the way to the airport I diverted to Knuckey's Lagoon to show Pat Lowe a local waterhole.
 Knuckey's Lagoon
There was not a lot of birds to see today, some Cattle Egrets(!) with horses,
Cattle Egret at Knuckeys Lagoon
Also some Water lillies
Water Lillys, Knuckey's Lagoon
and also a Cane Toad trap.
Cane Toad trap,Knuckey's Lagoon
Besides her work a as a prison psychologist and a writer, Pat is very involved in environmental work in Broome, through EnvironsKimberley

Friday, July 21, 2006

A surprise visitor to Darwin

Sharyn from Framed Gallery called this afternoon and told me she had a visitor who I might like to meet. It was Patricia Lowe,the widow of the famous indigenous artist,Jimmy Pike whose work I like. I own a couple of prints and some clothing using his designs. I picked Pat up and took her to the Darwin Sailing Club and we had a lovely chat over a meal.
Pat Lowe at the Darwin Sailing Club
Pat and Myself
On the Saturday morning I took her to the Parap Market. She said the last time she went there she bought a dress to wear to go to Buckingham Palace. She wrote a childrens picture book,illustrated by Jimmy called "Jimmy and Pat meet the Queen"! Pat is a Clinical Psychologist who has worked in the Western Australian Prison system for many years and is also a writer, especially of childrens books
The DSC was crowded,but the food was good and sunset was great, lots of yachts.
A Dry Sunset, Darwin Sailing Club

Thursday, July 20, 2006

A pleasant tropical evening

Sonya and Joe, Justin and Robyn invited Barbara, Chloe and myself to a very lovely meal.
Chloe of course remains the centre of attention!
Barbara, Justin, Robyn, Sonya and Joe
Joe is a good humoured bloke, really into his motorsport.
Chloe has had so many people cuddling and holding her.
Happy ladies
Mutual Admiration
Not so sure
Two little girls
My new girlfriend
My new girlfriend
It's the way you hold your mouth!
Its the way you hold your mouth
Another new acquaintance was "Bundy" a Hot Cream Burmese kitten.