Sunday, August 05, 2007

Sunday evening at Mindil

Hugh has been working all weekend so we planned a trip to the Mindil Beach markets for a Sunday evening food and feast for our eyes and ears. It was as usual very busy and we both enjoy people watching. Hugh enjoys his Indian curries.
Hugh making a choice
Highly recommended!
And a healthy fruit juice.
 A good drink...
Food Stall
There are lots of musicians,young and old
Didgeridoo player
Jabaru Didgeridoo player Rodger Bradshaw
Including one of my favorites, Rodger Bradshaw from the group, Jabaru and his wife Rene.
Jabaru Flautist Rene Bradshaw
Lots of stallholders with various skills:
Stall at Mindil Beach
Stallholder Juggler
Many families have a picnic tea on the lawns.
Mindil Market families
We watched the sunset and listened to Jabaru.
Mindil Sunset

Dusk at the Darwin Sailing Club

With Hugh busy and Peter away, Jayshree and I watched the sunset at the Darwin Sailing Club and dined while we chatted. Having dinner at the DSC is one of the great pleasures of life and Darwin as its a very relaxed atmosphere and so attractive a landscape.
There is usually a good mix of interstate and overseas visitors.
 Darwin Sailing Club Fannie Bay
Sunset Darwin Sailing Club Fannie Bay

On Saturday night, Hugh and I watched with thousands of others, a F 111 do a "dump and burn" over Mindil Beach, which was pretty fantastic, followed by fireworks from near the Sky Casino. I captured only video of the dump and burn , but found this at Flickr. its a great shot of something similar last year! Also this guy has a good shot was well