Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sunday morning at Fogg Dam

I know, I know, I go there a lot. Today was great with us seeing this goanna on the side of the road. I fell down and now have a pain in the ........
Then we went along the Dam wall and saw the usual birds but special today was seeing a couple of Jabiru and a crocodile.
Saw these ducks,
Ducks on the Dam
which is something we don't see in great numbers. There were plenty of magpie geese though. Coming back,just past Window on the Wetland I spotted another Jabiru.It flew away so I walked down a bit,
only to see this big crocodile, perhaps 3 metres long, just down the side of the road!
Jeanette eyes off the  crocodile
Big crocodile near Window on the Wetlands

Pleasant Saturday evening........

Jeanette and I picnicked on the cliffs at Dripstone Coastal Reserve.
Toasting the Sunset
Balmy evening Dripstone
This was a good evening, the sunset was great with a range of colours.
Dripstone Sunset
Seen a few minutes later:
Dripstone Sunset

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Tropical night

A great meal as usual at the Darwin Sailing Club, chatting drinking wine and enjoying the view!

Jeanette enjoyed the evening.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

A new acquaintance checks out the food in Darwin

As I have said before, the Road Kill Cafe at Mindil Beach market is interesting,
their motto "You kill it we will grill it!"
I escorted an Alice Springs student,Jeanette to the Mindil Beach market.As it turned out,
Jeanette is a longtime friend and workmate of my Adelaide friend Terry.
Its a small world or talk about six degrees of separation!!
A friend checks out food at Road Kill Cafe

New found friend

Ten Canoes

Thanks to Jessie and Rod ,I was able to go to the Darwin launch of the new Rolf De Heer film, "Ten Canoes."
Quoting the film's website
Ten Canoes
"It is the distant past, tribal times. Dayindi (played by Jamie Gulpilil, son of the great David Gulpilil) covets one of the wives of his older brother. To teach him the proper way, he is told a story from the mythical past, a story of wrong love, kidnapping, sorcery, bungling mayhem and revenge gone wrong.
In English storytelling (by David Gulpilil) and subtitled Ganalbingu language, this is a film unlike any you have ever seen." To see a trailer click here

(This photo of Jamie Gulpilil from the site.)
The launch was great, held in a multiplex in Darwin with actually 3 theatres opened for the crowd. Rolf De Heer introduced some of the crew.
This is David Gulpilil arriving.
David Gulpilil
and here with wife and friends.
David, his wife and friends
It was a fun night with a great crowd, I chatted with Sharyn and Elaine from Framed Gallery and their friends.
Sharyn, Elaine
Stephen, Elaine
This is Val,Rod and Jessie who invited me to attend.
Val, Rod and  Jessie
and this is myself with Val, a lifelong friend of Jessie's
from Launceston, Tasmania.
Val and self
The after party was held at the
Northern Territory Parliament House.
Parliament House Darwin
This is Jamie Gulpilil who starred in the movie as Dayindi/Yeeralparil,
on the right at the after party Jamie Gulpilil (On the right)
and with a younger friend!
Jamie Gulpilil
and this is the coproducer and one of the stars, Richard Birrinbirrin (he played "Honeyman")
Richard Birrinbirrin
David was enjoying himself.
He encouraged the movie to be made
and whilst he did not appear in the movie, his was the storyteller's voice which was done with a lot of humour.
David Gulpilil
This was another one of the lead stars Crusoe Kurddall.
Crusoe Kurddal
He played Ridjimiraril , a man with 3 wifes

Thursday, June 15, 2006

A lovely tropical night!

Went to "The Jetty" restaurant with Pauline and Lindsey, oh such a balmy tropical evening! Eating seafood buffet on the waterfront............

Still yet to do the Darwin Harbour Cruise, maybe tomorrow night?

Sunday, June 11, 2006

June Long weekend

We had a great team gathering at Jayshree and Peter's home and this was a nice evening in balmy tropical conditions.
Kaye. Lindsey and Pauline

A lovely open space home and great garden surrounds. I got to wear my loudest shirt, a silk Indonesian one given to me by an Indonesian visitor several years ago.
Kaye, myself, Lindsey, Pauline

On Saturday morning a trip to Parap Market with Pauline and her daughter Lindsey, then Fogg Dam.
Dam Wall Road Fogg Dam
Egrets at Fogg Dam

Even though its the dry, its still a lovely spot with plenty of birdlife, in fact great flocks of egrets.
Fogg Dam
Fogg Dam

Great flocks of birds especially egrets, much smaller numbers of Royal Spoonbills.
Fogg Dam
As usual, the Rainbow Bee-eaters were enjoying feasting on dragonflies.
Rainbow Bee-eater Foog Dam

Then a trip to the Adelaide River for a Jumping Crocodile Cruise. This was the first time that I have done this.
Jumping Crocodile cruise

I still don't like the idea of the spectacle, I would rather just enjoy the river and see them basking in the sun. Returned to Darwin in the early evening and tried to enjoy the Greek Festival Glenti, but it was packed out with people and big queues for food so went Irish instead!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Liam and Treanne's House-warming

A lovely evening in a tropical setting at Liam and Treanne's house-warming. The dress suggestion for the cocktail party was formal so it was great fun dressing up.
This is our hosts:
Liam and Treanne
The ladies loved vamping it up!
The Vamps
The stylish clothes were great to see, normally people dress very casually In Darwin.
The ladies.... love those bare shoulders!
Even I dressed up, should have had my jacket on!
Jessie, self and Pauline
Pauline's daughter with Jessie and Pauline.
Lindsey, Jessie and Pauline
Pauline arrived late so had some catchingup to do with the cocktails (only joking!!)
Peta and Pierre:
John and Jill:
More of the library crew: