Saturday, February 02, 2008

Nirvana... a meal with friends

I found Nirvana tonight.... no not what the Buddhist's call " a blissful spiritual condition where the heart extinguishes passion, hatred and delusion. ..." but the popular eatery in Darwin, a restaurant called Nirvana.I went there for dinner with friends and Hugh who was keen to eat lots.
Dinner at Nirvana
Julie, Di and Jayshree

Girl talk
Hugh and Stephen

Friday night at the Darwin Ski Boat Club

A change of venue this Friday for drinks and a meal. We went to the more laid back Darwin Ski Boat Club.
Hugh had got back during the early morning from Bali and was relating his dramas from the trip to Jayshree and Peter. He had gone for a wedding but had not had a good time once that was over.
Hugh, Jayshree and Peter
The sunset and storm were good!
Sunset and Rain

Friday morning tea to farewell Alan Davis

One of the library team, Alan, is off to greener pastures so the usual great morning tea was held to wish him well.