Sunday, March 05, 2006

Striated Pardalote at Bird Billabong

This bird was fairly well camouflaged amongst the leaves and blossom.

Bird Billabong

After spending the late morning at Fogg Dam, Karen and I drove further down the Arnhem Highway to Bird Billabong via the Corroboree Tavern, which is a little wild. There was a utility with some pig dogs.I chatted to the owner and heard that wild pig meat is shipped to Germany.

See this fact sheet about Pig Doggers!

Bird Billabong is a 1.5 km walk from the car park once you leave the Arnhem Highway about 90 km from the Stuart Highway. Its quite a walk , but very picturesque although with 37c temperature it was quite an experience.

Crimson Finch at Fogg Dam

These are very common at Fogg Dam, but are constantly on the move so you need to be quick to take a photo.

Karen at Fogg Dam

Karen and I spent a day out at what has become a regular trip to Fogg Dam. She is a keen "Twitcher"
For more on the topic of twitching see:
The Big Twitch

Rainbow bee-eaters

These Rainbow bee-eaters were enjoying a constant feed.

Rainbow bee-eater

There were quite a few of these to be seen today at Fogg Dam.

Buffalo seen near Fogg Dam

These beasts were once wild in the area, destroying much habitat for birds and other wildlife. Today they are farmed.

I was happy to get this shot at full zoom of dragonfly

Not easy , but I'm happy with this.

Dragonfly on reed at Fogg Dam

These are not the easiest of shots to take as the autofocus on the camera is trying to focus on anything but the dragonfly!

For more information See this fact sheet about Dragonflies

Dragonfly standoff at Fogg Dam

We saw plenty of dragonflies today. Local lore says that the "Dry" must be near when you see dragonflies. These two were quite colourful.Actually it has just been pointed out to me that the one on the left is in fact a DamselFly,it's something to do with how they fold their wings at rest!