Monday, December 22, 2008

Xmas in Adelaide

I came down early to Adelaide to attend the funeral of Barbara's father, Max Cameron Coat.His funeral was well attended by over 180 people mainly from the local district.We saw many more of Max's friends when we attended a few days later the the Christmas party at the Iron Bank CFS, which is a popular tradition. Max was an early member and supporter of the CFS
Chloe's cousin Arielle looked cute as Ms Christmas.
Father Christmas arrives at Iron Bank CFS
The Coats and Wayne
We had a nice pre Xmas lunch at Robert Coats Iron Bank property with its lovely gardens and roses
View of Coat property from Roberts
Robert Coat Garden Iron Bank
Rose Robert Coat Garden Iron Bank
Robert Coat Garden Iron Bank
Robert Coat Garden Iron Bank
Rose at Roberts
Rose at Robert Coats property Iron Bank
Christine and Joanne
Bec was joking about a face lift!
And Chloe looked different preparing for her swimming class:
Chloe ready for swimming
Chloe enjoys chocolate
Chloe and a neighbour, young Alex prepared a chocolate pudding for us
Alex and Chloe
Max went to stay with his father over Christmas so I only saw him briefly.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

French girls frog handling..

We had a couple of French tourists, Priscilla and Sarah visit us and Hugh found this frog near our pool and the girls were delighted to hold a frog for the first time.
Hugh shows French tourists Green Tree Frog
Green Tree Frog
Sarah with frog giving her the cold shoulder
Sarah with Green Tree frog
Priscilla had the frog jump on her nose!
Priscilla with Green Tree frog

Picnic Tea at Nightcliff.

My work colleagues and I had a picnic tea at Nightcliff last night.
The sunset was 'painting' some lovely pictures.

Sunset Nightcliff
Dusk at Nightcliff
Dusk at Nightcliff

Trudi and her  girls