Thursday, April 20, 2006

Dave and Stephen's BIG trip to Singapore

We had quite a few trips down the famous Orchard Road.

After spending quite a few days undertaking retail therapy, Dave and I went to the Singapore Zoo.
We saw the Asian small-clawed Otters.
Right next to their display was this beast,
which I had never heard of. Its called a Binturong
(a kind of Civit cat)

and the orangutangs

and the stunning Siberian White Tigers, so sadly under threat of extinction.

The smile on this young woman was delightful.

as was this colourful families concerned looks as the peacock strutted around, lording his domain.

I liked the patterns of the feathers.

This baboon was creating quite a display!

There were lots of school children, very well behaved.
A very polite child with a clipboard asked me lots of questions about where I had come from, what I thought of Singapore, what other Asian countries I had or would visit.
When I asked him where he was from, he was actually
on a school trip from Hong Kong!

It was interesting to note in the new Australian Outlook display that there were links to the Northern Territory.

Dave took advantage of the 4WD to get a bit more height for his shots.

We also shopped in other areas as well.
This is North Bridge Road.

Dave rather liked the art work on this taxi.

Our hotel,The Carlton is just a few steps away from the more famous Raffles.