Sunday, March 01, 2009

Fogg Dam Sunday drive

I took a trip today on my own out to Fogg Dam. Fogg Dam according to Google Maps is 66.5 km – about 1 hour 22 mins from where I live.
There was plenty of birdlife and also I was warned by a couple of drivers about a two metre saltwater crocodile they had seen on the road!
One driver actually did a U turn to come back to warn me!
I must admit I was nervous for a while paddling about at the waters edge,
but the photography was good

2009 Mar 01_0094
2009 Mar 01_0090_edited-1
2009 Mar 01_0107
Fogg Dam_2009 01 Mar_0060
Fogg Dam_2009 01 Mar_0064
Fogg Dam_2009 01 Mar_0047
2009 Mar 01_0121