Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Storms hit Alice Springs

This is the damage in and around the library at Alice Springs Hospital yesterday.
Our water came from the roof down the window frame rather than from the ground outside.
Water damage
Water came from above this window
Tree damage
Tree damage
The first storm hit around 1:30 pm the next around 3pm.
The first was a furious thunderstorm with high winds,
the second a major dust storm.
Waiting for the second front
There was lots of local flooding and a large amount of trees
were knocked down bringing power lines down including on buildings and cars.
Tree damage
download 185
Power was out in much of Alice Springs for 12 hours or so.
It was after midnight when we had power again where I was staying
and as I walked to work this morning there was still streets with powerlines still hanging dangerously low and so the streets remain blocked off.
Powerlines near Centre for Remote Health

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