Saturday, September 16, 2006

An afternoon at the Territory Wildlife Park

I met with Malcolm and his family, including his parents, Don and Joan,and we drove out to the Territory Wildlife Park, about 50 km out of Darwin. It was a warm day, about 35, but it was still a good afternoon. After a shared lunch we visited the Aquarium, and the walk in aviary and then the Raptor Display.
Anderson family
Malcolm parents, whilst not young are well travelled, having just spent two weeks in Indonesia.
Malcolm with his parents
Mirrored observers
This was a small crocodile with a turtle underneath it.
Comfortable Croc with turtle
This crocodile however is much bigger, perhaps around two metres
A big Crocodile
 Forest Kingfisher Territory Wildlife Park
I hope to see some of these Gouldian Finches in the wild, but its a couple of hours drive on the Arnhem Highway to Bird Billabong area early in the morning.
Gouldian Finch Territory Wildlife Park
These Pied (Torresian) Imperial Pigeons are large birds.
 Pied (Torresian) Imperial Pigeon,Territory Wildlife Park
This is a Great Bower Bird
Here is a Drongo, if I ever saw one. Its a Spangled Drongo.
Spangled Drongo
A performance
We missed most of the Raptor display, but were able to get up close to this Barn Owl.
Barn Owl
Barn Owl
Barn Owl Territory Wildlife ParkBarn Owl Territory Wildlife Park
Closeup, Barn Owl, Terrtory Wildlife Park
Anderson children with White-Bellied Sea Eagle
Anderson Family
White-Bellied Sea Eagle
The powerful White-Bellied Sea Eagle, "Terence" was very vocal.
The Crested Hawk or (Pacific Baza) (Aviceda subcristata) is a rarer bird
Crested Hawk or (Pacific Baza) (Aviceda subcristata)
Malcolm has settled into Territory life well!
Malcolm Anderson
His parents appear to enjoying their Top End holiday.
A shady character
A smile for the camera

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