Thursday, October 23, 2008

Mindil on Thursday, almost at an end for the year

Hugh and I went to the second last Thursday evening Mindil Beach Market for the year.
He has some friends on the stalls, this is Ben from the Magnet stall
Hugh and Ben
Bobby, the Indonesian cook is always a great subject
Bobby @Mindil
Bobby @Mindil
Band at Mindil
A young indigenous band were playing
Indigenous guitar player
As usual also EmDee a local musician always pulled a big crowd
EmDee @Mindil
Magpie Lark at Mindil
Two students from Charles Darwin University as 'Living Statues" are drawing crowds as well.
Living Statue at Mindil
Living Statue at Mindil
This shot was unintentional in that the flash did not fire but it has some artistic feel about it!
Moving dancer

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