Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Excitement...a snake in the library!

This item courtesy of Heather Moorcroft!

"Well, never a dull moment! ... and some people say that libraries are boring.

See this photograph of snake that Nic had bravely caught from under the table watched by 20 staff and students (all giving advice about what to do, how to hold it, what type it was, whether it was poisonous - consensus was a yellow version of the Green tree snake). Peter rang security who came along looking amused (if a little nervous) and joined in the rescue effort.
One student lent Nic his jacket to catch the snake with. Nic then gave it to Rod outside and they let it go in the bush on the far side of campus."
no pets.jpg

Monday, May 29, 2006

Dry season sunset Mindil Beach

With the onset of the dry season, the sunsets like this one at Mindil Beach are often enhanced by smoke from burning off of the bush.

Plenty of tourists at Mindil Beach, its very, very popular.
Mindil Beach Market

Friday, May 26, 2006

Losing some great team members

Sadly Pauline needs to return to her family in Victoria. She has been a great team member,her sense of humour and sense of purpose has endeared her to us all. I played around with Flickr Toys to create these:
My creation
Also Karen has decided not to return to Darwin so another good friend and team player has been lost from my team.
My creation

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Library Week

I was busy with Australian Library Week as I judged a photo competion, went to the Library Technicians Dinner. This was at Karawa, the CDU training restaurant,you can see why I enjoyed the meal!.(Great food and prices)

then the next night a tour of the new Palmerston library and a panel session all of which I was asked to be the official photographer for and then today a morning tea where I announced the winner of the photo competition.
This is a photo from last nights panel and tour. Its myself with Elizabeth from our Library Studies Unit ,and Leigh from my team.

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Return to Fogg Dam May!

Managed to get out again to Fogg Dam.This time with Pauline.
The road has been opened up again now the dry has started , but you can see some damage.
Fogg Dam in the dry
Lots of birds though. I was pleased to get a good photo of four Rainbow Bee-eaters

and a few Kingfishers.
Kingfisher at Fogg Dam
There was also this rather magnificent crow, nice body dreadful voice!
Crow  at Fogg dam
Also lots of Crimson finches.
Crimson finch
The Egrets and Royal Spoonbills were quite vocal.
Egrets at Foog Dam

Monday, May 15, 2006

Sunset at Mindil Beach market

Returned this week to Mindil Beach, this time with Pauline.

These two princesses were enjoying the music at the market.

I enjoy the Celtic/World Music nature of this group, Jabaru.This is Rene Bradshaw.
Quoting their web site"Through the performance of her music rene uses hammer dulcimer, flutes, djembe and dun duns presenting a haunting sound with soul filled melodies. Rene sings sultry, emotive lyrics, plays the hammer dulcimer like a Persian Princess and enchants with melodies on various flutes."
Hear their music at jabaru.com.au

Pauline looking at the stalls

Monday, May 08, 2006

The first Mindil Beach market's for the year

Delayed for a week because of the threat of Cyclone Monika, the Thursday and Sunday evening markets are a huge tourist magnet.

I always like the humour of the Road Kill Cafe, "you kill it we grill it!"