Wednesday, December 08, 2004

A shy neighbour

I met this possum and a friend one night just outside my front door.

Ken and Sue at the World War 2 Oil Storage Museum

This was well worth the visit with lots of interesting photos from Darwin in WW2

I jumped a mile and so did the frog

Having seen possums, geckos, gigantic cockroaches etc, I jumped and so did the frog when I went to put papers in the recycle bin in the dark

Barramundi , Prawns and chips

My favourite meal from Kim's at the Stokes Hill Wharf

The best fish and chips in Darwin

This was taken at the Stokes Hill Wharf precint, with a nice meal of barra and chips

Too much Christmas cheer?

This was taken at the end of a very nice Christmas meal with my colleagues at the "The Jetty", at Stokes Hill Wharf, Darwin.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

A research interest, Stanislaus Ostoja Kotkowski

My son Dave and I share a common interest in researching the life and work of this gentleman, better known as Stan Ostoja. He lived in Australia from the early 1950's worked in textiles, stained glass, set design for theatre, opera. He was a Churchill Fellow , experimenting with lasers and electronic music. He was a photographer etc, etc. The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory has at least one of his works, "Red Centre" This photo is from the collection of the National Archives of Australia as well as our own Ostoja archive

See Wikepedia entry created by Dave at >Ostoja

Another view of the Gates at the Chinese Gardens

This view shows the lions guarding the Chinese Garden Gates at Cahrles Darwin University