Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Library Monitor...

Library staff were asked to check out a beast in the children's area of the Casuarina Library this week.A mum thought she saw a snake coiled up amongst the books. It was actually a goanna (although more specifically a Tree Monitor, we think.) This is Rosario our Childrens and Youth Services Librarian,who calmly managed the situation
Monitor lizard found in the library
Library monitor !
After the photo shoot we put it in a tree in the library car park

Visitors from down south.. David and Neville

My good friend and neighbor David Parkinson from Redwood Park,
Dave Parkinson
South Australia came up to Darwin this week to fish with his friend Neville Whitehair from Whyalla. They stayed with Hugh and I.
Hugh and Dave
Neville, Stephen, Marty and Dave
On Saturday, Marty, the partner of a workmate of mine.Marty took them out in his boat and they had a leisurely day out with some success.

On the Sunday they enjoyed as did I a trip to Fogg Dam.
Dave Parkinson and Neville Whitehair
Fogg Dam
On the Monday and Tuesday it was out on the charter boats with mixed success.
On a Equinox Charter, Dave caught a Black Jewfish (aka black jew; black mulloway; blotched jew; mulloway; northern mulloway; spotted croaker; spotted jew; spotted jewfish)
Dave Parkinson with Black Jewfish
See this link
for more on the species
Dave Parkinson with Black Jewfish