Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ben, Karen and Ross at Termite Mounds.

Last time I came here it was so dry and the area was blanketed with smoke from fires from burning off.The grass was very high today and so green.

The pilots!

Ben kindly drove Ross and Karen and I out to Fogg Dam and then Corroboree Tavern for lunch. Ben and Ross, friends of Karen have both come up from Adelaide looking for work as pilots.We visited the Termite Mounds on the Arnhem Highway.

Others were taking the opportunity to grab some shots

It was quite busy here today with fish jumping out of the water, birds enjoying the feed.

Pied Herons at Fogg Dam

We saw a lot more and quite a variety of birds today including Royal Spoonbills, these Pied Herons, Brown Kites, all attracted by the lovely rains this week, what a difference we noted in a week.

Karen enjoyed the paddle

We both had fun with our shoes off walking through the water.

Another first!

The road at Fogg Dam was awash with water and birds, with fish easy picking for the falcons, herons and others.

Variation on a theme?

I know, not another Waterlily!!!

They are photogenic!!

A snake at Fogg Dam

This was a bit of a first too! I had been lying on the boardwalk near this spot and Ross pointed it out. It took off , back into the water.

See this web page about Green Tree snakes!

A white WaterLilly

This was slightly unusual, most of the Waterlillies I see are blue.

Stunning views at boardwalk

Although it was a somewhat steamy walk this morning, it was great taking photos in the forest boardwalk at Fogg Dam.