Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sunday lunch at Cornucopia

Again a great day with the Fergusons and Karen at the Cornucopia Cafe for lunch on a Sunday.

The Ferguson Clan

Karen and I bumped into more tourists at Fogg Dam, the Fergusons. Clive and daughter Katie have been holiday in Darwin for the past month visiting Pauline.

Same bird different pose!

OK, its not exotic, but it is photogenic!

Very photogenic Willie Wagtail

This bird kept on providing great photo opportunities at Fogg Dam.
Interesting, there are two variant of the spelling, but most spell it a Willie Wagtail rather than a Willy Wagtail. In any case its a Rhipidura leucophrys, a member of the Australian fantails

Yet another Frog

Green Tree frog at Howard Springs retreat

This Green Tree frog delighted us at a dinner party I held at Howard Springs whilst housesitting.