Sunday, December 02, 2007

Sunday morning at Crocodylus

Hugh and I took the opportunity to visit the strange amalgam of a tourist attraction that is Crocodylus.
I still think its an overpriced tourist attraction,although it has a special discount price at the moment for locals.Its a crocodile research facility, the museum about crocodiles is good. As for the main part with crocodiles in pens, with others being made to jump to eat chicken carcasses and a keeper stirring them up to make them be a little too active and gaffer taped baby crocodiles
cropped croc
while you have a photo taken....,
well I can take or leave that circus type activity.
Hugh noticed this crocodile lose a tooth biting down on the pen after a staff member agitated the water to force it to surface on the slide.
Crocodylus Park  pens
croc snap

An as for the rest of the park with some very tired old circus lions,
Old man lion
Lady lions
Wet Tiger
leopards and a handful of Australian creatures like emus,wallaroos and Agile
Agile Wallaby
Agile Wallaby
I regard this as rather an afterthought and all a bit out of scope..
I still recommend the Territory Wildlife Park for value for money as a tourist facility albeit further for people to travel..

I spotted this Magpie Lark (or Peewee) mud nest in rather a dangerous position on a wire over a crocodile pen.
Australian Magpie-Lark chicks in nest
Australian Magpie-Lark chicks
Australian Magpie-Lark chicks being fed

The lions were sleeping most of the time, but eventually the lion opened its eyes and decided it was time for a cuddle.
Old Man lion
Lions loving