Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Trip To Ubirr Rock

We spent a great Sunday morning, with some drama at Ubirr Rock.
Entrance to Ubirr Rock
After leaving the car park where I saw this Grevillea pteridifolia, very attractive orange bottle-brush like flowers
Flowers in a tropical setting
we climbed to the top of the escarpment and had a good view of the Kakadu Wetlands.
Ken climbing the rock
Ubirr Rock
View from Ubirr
Rock art Ubirr Rock
View from Ubirr
Rock art Ubirr Rock
Rock art Ubirr Rock
Note my lack of proper foot wear in this shot.
The Ubirr Climb, a fools fall to come!
Once again, I was stupidly not wearing the correct footwear for the conditions and I took a dramatic tumble down the last few metres of the climb, with camera and lenses making a noise on the rocks, people screaming (not me as I knew I had done the wrong thing!!) I was lucky to get away with bruised toes, scrapped knees, wrist and feeling foolish! Even a pretty European backpacker offered first aid.

Also interesting to see this Magela Creek crossing. When I visited with Pauline and Karen earlier this year in March (see March Archive) it was flooded and closed to all traffic.
Road to Ubirr Rock