Sunday, June 29, 2008

Trevor Jenkins, a Darwin and Top End identity

This photo is from David Forsyth's photo stream. The subject is one of the Top Ends identity's, Trevor Jenkins. Also know as the Rubbish Warrior see this article or even listen to an interview with the Darwin City Council CEO talking about him
Trev or his handiwork can be seen all around Darwin and I believe Palmerston. He walks the main road footpaths gathering small piles of litter and generally tidies. It's my understanding that local council outdoor workers then pick up the rubbish. I saw him this morning in fact.
He won a NT Pride of Australia Award in October last year:
"Rubbish Warrior Trevor Jenkins, who won the Environment Medal for his efforts in cleaning up roadsides around Darwin, said everyone can contribute.
"I feel very honoured but it's something we can all do," he said.
"I see heroes every day." See that story here.
Trevor Jenkins also known as the "Rubbish Warrior"

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