Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas In Adelaide

My Christmas break certainly has been different with an interesting journey down with flights to Gove
Gove Airport
Cairns and Sydney then Adelaide.Barbara picked me up and I spent a few days with her and her children at her lovely new home in
Barbara's house
in Meadows. I met the children's grandparents again
Chloe with her grandmother Margaret
One day I took Max on a tram trip to Glenelg, a walk through the Rundle Mall
and even a visit to Barbara's office.
I then went to Karen's.
Bees at Banksia Park
However I did manage to acquire a really bad chest infection and at one stage I was ready to believe the local doctor when he said I might have pneumonia, although in the event, my X-rays were clear. I am still feeling crook and hope that by next week will be feeling better although I will be heading back to the Northern Territory by then!
After two days of bed rest I pleaded to take a drive to get some sun and we went bird watching at Para Wirra.
Blue Wren
Sacred Kingfisher at Para Wirra
Honeycomb from natives bees Para Wirra
The native plants including the Xanthorea or grass tree looked so different from the tropical vegetation I am becoming used to
Para Wirra
Para Wirra
Para Wirra
On the Sunday I went with son Dave to briefly visit my brother Tony and Joey who rescue sick and injured fauna. This kangaroo was sunning itself in the backyard whilst Joey (Daphne) bottle fed a much younger baby kangaroo inside. I took them a framed copy of my most viewed photograph, "Hopping Mice" Click here to see it!
Kangaroo at Tony and Joeys
Karen was joined by her sister Ann and niece Sam from Victoria and were good company including a Christmas evening picnic on the lounge room floor!
christmas eve meal crop
Ms Xmas
Our breakfast Christmas day was good with ham and pineapple on crusty bread followed by this delightful fruit platter.
Christmas Morning breakfast
xmas breakfast
Fruit for breakfast
Karen got a lovely necklace from the man in her life.
Karen Xmas day

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