Friday, October 20, 2006

Trip to the Valley of the Giants

It was a long trip back down to the forests today, but it was worth it. We visited the "Valley of the Giants" and the Ancient Forest.
Massive old trees and a fairly scarey tree top walk, or in the case of Terry, push in his wheel chair.
 Terry Valley of the Giants Aerial WalkValley of the Giants Aerial WalkPam at the Valley of the Giants Aerial Walk
This Red Tingle tree is said to be over 300 years old.
Buttress of a Red Tingle tree 300 years old.
Here I am doing the tourist thing in another.
Self in Buttress of a Red Tingle tree
Pam and myself
The Ancient Forest area has limited access to wheelchairs which meant that Terry occassionaly had to get out whist I lifted it up and down the steps, but it was worth the effort.
Valley of the Giants
A pleasant late lunch was had in another lovely old tea rooms, with a cottage garden.
Yet another rose at a tea rooms

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David J said...

Some great photos Stephen. I Particularly liked the one of your friend in the wheelchair negotiating the canopy path. Now that's an odd situation!