Sunday, September 10, 2006

A new acquisition:"Everything Happens Today"

I purchased this image at Framed Gallery recently after Sharyn introduced me to Mary Mcleans work and had it framed. It's called "Everything Happens Today." It's by well known WA artist, now in her 70's PantJiti Mary Mclean, from Ninga Mia, Kalgoorlie. I love this print its really chaotic.
I managed to catch an ABC item on her work. You may need Broadband to see it!
Alternatively here is a link to the transcript Australia Wide Curators Choice story
Everything Happens Today
The artist's description of what is going on:

Bird is catching a worm. The mother and little bird are eating flowers.
Bungarra is caught by a woman.
A man has speared an emu after his dog chased it
Emus are eating from the bush, one emu is sitting down on the tree.
There is a family- little ones, mother, father and birds also eating.
Father is trying to get the worm, he is chasing it He can't grab it. the worm has escaped into the log.
In the corner a mother is walking around with her little boy and baby which is lying down in the dish.
A mother dog and its puppy are eating on the side. Nearby there is a kitten and a beetle. A woman with long hair has had a fright from a snake. The snake is going into a log. It is a windy day and the woman's hair is being blown around.
Another mother and a little girl is walking around looking for food.
A kid playing in the grass with his dog has had a big fright from a snake.
This one was running along and nearly fell down from fright, he has already caught a bungarra.
Up the top mother has collected a dish of bush tucker.
In the shelter all the family are sitting down with a fire going.
They are going to have food. Also a bird has had a fright from the snake."

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