Sunday, September 17, 2006

An interesting coincidence Gouldian Finches everywhere!

Having just posted a photograph of a Gouldian Finch to my album and then linked it to this blog, I noticed that Gwen Sprague, who is a medical librarian living in Kansas City and who links to my Flickr album had this photo of a Gouldian Finch,

and another of an incredible indoor aviary on her album site

I asked her what the circumstances. Here is her reply:
"I work in a hospital with a long term care center attached. This is in a lounge area where residents, staff and visitors can sit and relax. Not only can they watch these beautiful finches and doves, to the left is a courtyard with many birdfeeders to attract the wild population for viewing as well.
So cool that you can see the glorious Gouldians in the wild!"
Maybe an idea for the Northern Territory?

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