Saturday, July 29, 2006

A Journey to Jabiru

A long trip out to Jabiru. It was quite a warm trip. We returned to Mamukala which we had seen in April 2005. This was a Wren I noticed on the walk in.
Wren at Mamukala
We checked into the LakeView Cabins.
Cabin at Lakeview Jabiru
The outside temperature registered 42 (at the least the sensor in my car said it was!) We then drove down to Cooinda, enjoyed a Yellow Waters cruise for a couple of hours.
Pied Heron
Pied Heron, Yellow Waters
A Jabiru (Xenorhynchus asiaticus) at Yellow Waters
Interesting to note that according to Hilary Thompson and Denise Goodfellow in "Common Birds of the Darwin Area", the name of this stork, Jabiru, (officially a Black-necked Stork), actually derives from Tupi, a South American Indian language, and should actually belong to a South American species of Stork.
There were hundreds of ducks gathering together at Yellow Waters.
Wandering ducks
Ducks at Yellow Waters
Water Lily
Water Lily
And crocodiles basking in the sunset........
Crocodile at Sunset Yellow Waters
Salt Water Crocodile
Yellow Waters Sunset
Ken thought that the cruise guide Michael and I shared the same bulky body mass but this photo proved him wrong
The Men in Red

and then had a meal at the local hotel.

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