Sunday, June 04, 2006

Liam and Treanne's House-warming

A lovely evening in a tropical setting at Liam and Treanne's house-warming. The dress suggestion for the cocktail party was formal so it was great fun dressing up.
This is our hosts:
Liam and Treanne
The ladies loved vamping it up!
The Vamps
The stylish clothes were great to see, normally people dress very casually In Darwin.
The ladies.... love those bare shoulders!
Even I dressed up, should have had my jacket on!
Jessie, self and Pauline
Pauline's daughter with Jessie and Pauline.
Lindsey, Jessie and Pauline
Pauline arrived late so had some catchingup to do with the cocktails (only joking!!)
Peta and Pierre:
John and Jill:
More of the library crew:

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